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Striped Skunk

Did You Know?

To some, skunks are a smelly nuisance, while others find descented skunks affectionate and intelligent pets.

    You'll find several species of wild skunk throughout the state of Colorado, including striped, spotted and hog-nosed skunks. While they offer excellent pest control for scorpions, black widow spiders and grubs, their tendency to scatter garbage and carry rabies has inspired state laws in Colorado to Recommend you euthanize skunks caught, except for the the western spotted skunk and the hog-nosed skunks. But here at Central Mountain Pest Control and Animal Trapping we feel that it is not our job to harm or kill gods creatures,rather we will relocate any animals or wildlife captured to a secluded  part of the Pike National Forest. Where they Stand the best chance for a long healthy life away from humans and garbage .

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